Indulekha Coconut Milk Shampoo 100 ml

Rs. 130.00
Rs. 135.00
To keep you hair clean and healthy and to protect your hair from dust, pollution and climatic conditions, Indulekha brings to you a shampoo that is prepared from natural ingredients and which is mild enough to be used every day. The Indulekha coconut milk shampoo is the best hair growth shampoo and it nourishes the hair fibre protecting each strand of hair from damage. It prevents tangling, breakage and fall of hair. It also fights against dandruff and stimulates the growth of hair follicles. Also, it is a daily use shampoo and better cure for itchy scalp. A unique blend of coconut milk and six other ayurvedic ingredients to take special care of your hair. So it will be the best shampoo for hair loss for strong hair and hair nutrition.

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